In the Bend area in 1902, there were four families; Hervey Hatch, Helm, Jim Castle, and E. H. Brumbach, and several bachelors. Mr. Kirkpatrick, from Illinois, got money to build a ditch then advertised for people to come. Almost all the new settlers came from Illinois and Minnesota. By 1905, families with children came. It was the year the Wade School was built.

Frank Miller's House
This is the house Frank Miller lived in the Early 1900's,
before he built the two story house across the river from Adrian.
Note the white table cloth his sister insisted on keeping
no matter how primitive the living conditions got.

All this time the Big Bend District was isolated from the rest of Malhuer County. The men gave money with which to start a ferry. Its site was the village of Riverview and it was run by Dewey Miller. In 1911, the Holly Brothers established a store. Later the government gave the village a post office. When the railroad came through in 1912, the village found that it's coming required a move to a better location. The old ferry was abandoned in 1914 when the bridge was built. On completion of the bridge the Bend people gave a big party for about 900 people. Then, that night, they had a dance on the bridge.

View of the Ferry from the bank         on the ferry
(left picture)This Ferry was built and operated by Frank Miller and his brother Dewey Miller. The Ferry took people across the river before the bridge was built.(Right Picture)This is a close up on the Ferry floating accross the river around 1912. the man in the middle is believed to be Frank Miller.

In a town site laid out by Reuben McCreary the Holly Brothers bought three lots in 1917 and erected a building. They moved their stock and postoffice into it. The station was named Adrian by the railroad. It pressured the postoffice to change it's name from Riverview to Adrian. In 1918, Thomas Coward of Nyssa built a lumber yard in Adrian. It is now the Van Petten Lumber Company.

Holly Brothers store
The Holly brothers store is located on the east side of the Snake River
before the town of Adrian started on the west side of the river.

In what is now the Kingman Colony and Newell Heights some of the first settlers were: Mr. Kingman, the man Kingmen Colony was named after, and Frank Morgan, who was very prominent in getting the Owyhee Dam built. In 1909, the men formed the Kingman Irrigation Company, as there was no irrigation around the Adrian area. They also built a pumping plant which was used until the Dam was built.

In the Owyhee District some settlers were Mr. Pinkston who came in the 1800's and Bill Smith. What is now the Mendiola Ranch was owned by Bob Harris.

In Napton and Ridgeview areas, there were few people for a long time. Then, Colonel Napton homesteaded the land there. At one time, a ditch was built from Succor (Sucker) Creek, but water came only when the creek was very high. At Ridgeview, people came but left because there was no water. When the Owyhee Dam was built people started moving in.

In 48 years this community has made tremendous strides forward. The town has been growing every year until now we have quite a few things in it. The High School was built in 1939 and just within the last year a new grade school has been built (from a "History of Adrian" by Carmen Sillionis 1950, Valedictory Address).

Since the 1950's, Adrian has had its ups and downs. However within the last 10 years improvements at the school and in town have helped make our community a better place to live. Additional fencing was installed around the Elementary playground, and a greenhouse was built for the Ag Shop. In 2008 a new Middle School/Elementry was built, the High School parking lot was paved, the Gym was reparied and a Heating/Air conditioning unit was added to the High School. In town, the railroad tracks were removed and a new city park was created. Adrian continues to be a wonderful community.

Photo's by Virgina Timmerman